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Andrej Marffy
Graphic- & Webdesign

The graphic design studio for corporate-, print- and web design in Bern



Architektur Vuotovolume GmbH


The architectural office Vuotovolume GmbH focuses on conversions and refurbishments, monument preservation objects, as well as residential buildings suitable for the elderly. The website leaves a lot of air for the presented projects and the screen design is deliberately restrained.

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Galerie CRMI

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The CRMI Gallery is part of the Chrämerhuus Langenthal Cultural Center. In addition to exhibitions, curated events take place in front of a small audience: Concerts, performances, readings, discussion evenings.

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Schwarze Schweiz Online Archiv


The Black Switzerland Online Archive (BSOA) is a comprehensive, non-profit archive for and by Black people in Switzerland. Its goal is to strengthen and network the Black community in Switzerland.

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Manifestation einer unsichtbaren Infrastruktur

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In his Land Art project, Bernese artist Daniel Ritter transforms gas line markers into perches for birds. The documentation can be set up to mimic the distinctive appearance of the signals.

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  • Broschüren Bundesamt für Raumentwicklung ARE Bild 1
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Bundesamt für Raumentwicklung ARE

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The ARE publishes a trilingual series of brochures on sustainability in spatial development in Switzerland. A well thought-out color concept serves as orientation and guides through the diverse topics.

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Praxis Osteopathie Kramgasse


In the practice for osteopathy on Kramgasse in Bern, manual therapy is used to diagnose and treat various disorders in the structures and physiological functioning of the body. The website emphasizes the gentle character of this form of treatment with subtle colors.

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Vereinigung akademischer OsteopathInnen – VaOS

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The Swiss Association of Academic Osteopaths represents academically trained osteopaths as well as students at a technical college for osteopathy.

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Schloss Hünegg

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Hünegg Castle in Hilterfingen provides a unique insight into the residential culture and historicism of the 20th century. With typographic and illustrative elements, the graphic appearance creates the connection between past and present.

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  • Logo Design Cali4You
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The Bernese company Cali4You rents fully equipped VW buses for independent camper trips throughout Europe.

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The Bernese artist Zimoun uses kinetic principles and simple materials from everyday life and industry to set things in motion and thereby make them sound. The web design is meant to correspond with the minimalist language of his works.

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  • Briefschaften Queen of Greene Bild 1

Queen of Greene Inc.

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The Queen of Greene is a Second Empire style "Cast Iron" building built in 1873, and is one of the most magnificent hisoric buildings in SoHo, New York.

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Simon Opladen – Fotografie


Generously presented images provide a glimpse into commissioned works and studies by the Bernese photographer Simon Opladen.

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